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What is the therapeutic riding?
Branches of the therapeutic riding...
Benefits of the therapeutic riding...

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The people of the present can’t imagine what the horse was in their fathers and grandfathers’s life and what for can be used the horses nowadays. The children rarely meet the horse and the work and activities of the horses.

We can meet the connection between the horse and the human at almost all manifestations of the life: sport, fight, policy, society, work, game, love, family... The history of these connections: culture- history.

Epoch- making moment of the history when the human got on the horse at the very first time. The face of the world has changed, the rhythm of life and the history speeded up. The foot- passenger’s slowness turned to the gallop of the rider.

When the saddle- horse and the cart- horse showed up the nations and cultures started fast wandering and conquered the distance. The horses were the people’s most significant helpmates in war and peace for fourthousand years.

The first portraits of the riding people are drawing on the wall of a cave. The horse and rider theme showed up on painted pots, earthen-boards and statues.

The horses were so important parts of our ancestors’ life. They were indispensable for the agricultural work, traffic, tarnsport and warfare. It is understandable that the horse appears in the different nation’s fancy and faith.

The therapeutic riding was rediscovered in the 20th century again but we need to know its roots are going back high in the past. Hippokrates used gymnastic exercises too for health- care. He meant on it walking, running and riding.

Fidrich Hoffmann, one of senior lecturers of Hallen University write in his a work (1719):
"The truth is the riding is healthiest in walking, because it keeps the body in a smooth move. It doesn’t reduce our power, it doesn’t make tiredness happen and it causes a light and smooth sweat on the whole body. After the riding not only the face looks living and fresher but the mood and the appetite is getting better..."

In 1750 Maria Theresa’s doctor advocates the riding to steel the lymphatic and weak muscles and he thinks the riding is useful for emotional problems.

Goethe, who was an active rider said a one hour riding is pretty good for the digestive system.

On the turn of the century, end of the 19th century the riding was recognized as an effective therapy-way by Agnes Hunt’s work. She was the founder of the first orthopaedic hospital.

Dr. N. Reichenbach has started to use therapeutic riding in the years of 1950-s in his clinic to cure the patients’ who are suffering by neurological and medical disease.

In 1971 the Therapeutic riding Association was founded in Germany.

In 1997 the Hungarian Therapeutic riding Association was founded in our country. The goal of the association to join the institutions what use the therapeutic riding and the people who care for it. The association protects their interests, trains specialists, gives them continuing professional education, creates educational and exhibiton centers and backs up their work.

You can see the therapeutic riding is a new therapy what is still in its infancy.

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What is the therapeutic riding?

Therapeutic riding:

It differs from the universal riding that it consists special kind of equestrian- gymnastics exercises what are built up by specialists. They acount with the horse’s specific movement, attributes and the patient’s condition. Goal: using the horse’s effects in view of the injury and the handicap, the faster, more effective healing, development of the abilities, rehabilitation.

It is a curing activity for institution conditions and what is doable by a doctor’s subscription for therapy aims.

At the therapy is very important the connection with the horse, his/ her body- warmth and softness, the swing of the horse’s walk. These can help to switch out the injurious outside and inside influences.

The riding gives the experince of the movement, meanwhile real progress happens too.

The indication area of the therapeutic riding is very wide. We have to consider individually the availability, necessity with help of the specialists who indicated the therapy (doctor, pedagogue and therapeutist). Among other things the motivation power of therapeutic riding gives its efficiency. It is one of such therapies what happens under the open sky in natural environment, and meanwhile the patient has fun and does the exercises joyful the therapy’s development medicinal effects are getting on.

The therapeutic riding is a special development method what is a precious thing in the curing, preventing, rehabilitation and development.

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Branches of the therapeutic riding...

Branches of the therapeutic riding...1. Hippotherapy

2. Remedial riding and equestrian- gymnastics

3. Parasport

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Benefits of the therapeutic riding...

Physical benefits

Psychological benefits

Social benefits

Educational and pedagogic benefits

We have to tell, these benefits are coming out together as a complex thing by the tide connection of the therapeutic riding and the children’s simple riding.

During the therapy- time we have to help to create a confidential, communion, trustful contact between the child and the horse. Before we start the riding we get a line from the parent or the pedegogue on the child’s health condition and attitude for the horse.

Summary of the benefits of the therapeutic riding we can say:


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