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Paci Doki Therapeutic riding » About us
Welcome to Paci Doki Foundation at the stillness and marvelous Gyöngyvirágos Tölgyes!

Imre DominaDear Visitor!

If you are here:
we hope, we can wake up and intensify of your interest for the theme...

If you are looking for help:
we hope you find a solution...

If you would like to help:
connect us to help with joint efforts...

The ancient Sparta took care of the handicapped children's problem forthright but mighty inhuman. Fortunately since then the social valuables and social welfare progressed a lot... Now we feel pity for them, dress up and blanket them warmly then turn our eyes "bravely", so thus put them out and leave them to their own fate at the "modern" Thaigetos... The conscience is calmer: we did something, but feel deeply, something is wrong...

Thank you that you don't do that!

We are working as a foundation to help the therapeutic riding, but our activity could not be too suceed in itself...
Let us think simply! If our car goes wrong, we take it to the car mechanic. When the car is repaired, we pay and drive away. But...

Where is the badly handicapped child's service- station?
How many knowledge does the parent need at this case to begin to develope a handicapped child at right time?
Where can the parents find adequate informations?
Where can they find the institutions to developement?
How and with which conditions can they resort the services of those institutions?
Are they able to resort those services at all? (for example they live in boondocks, have no car, but have three children...)
What can the doctor advise to the parents who has a child with Rett- syndrome or this child was born with hypoxia?
Who protects these families from such people who promise miracle than cheat the uninformed and desperate parents?
How many families stay alone without hope and then break up, meanwhile they try to bring up a handicapped child?

Dear Friends, these questions of the difficulties, but point to goals too at the same time...

If we start the appropriate develope at the right time and listen to these families, the most of the children's state could be better or sustainable!

We do not possess of Philosopher's Stone but trust such friends join us who have got a little piece of that...

Let this site be the forum of the people who are like- minded! Let Gyöngyvirágos Tölgyes be the place of the helpfulness!

Imre Domina

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